Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Learn to Earn Toolkit?

Learn to Earn Toolkit is a free online collection of articles that focus on work skills. Articles focus on ten skills that employers say are important for new employees to have. The skills are also ones that employers say many new employees do not have. There are a total of 30 articles at each level that focus on these ten skills. Adult students can read articles and take quizzes on their own. The topics can also be used in adult education or family learning programs. Instructors can track a learner’s progress, and learners can print a list of the skills they have learned.

What is included in the content?

Learn to Earn offers a topic overview for each of the ten focus skills. Skill overview pages include a short introduction to the skill, an activity to practice with a partner, and a link to explore for more information about a specific job that uses the skill. On each skill page, you can link to three lessons for deeper learning about specific concepts of that skill. 

What is the grade level of the text on Learn to Earn Toolkit?

Intermediate texts on Learn to Earn Toolkit are written at an average 4.7 grade level. Advanced texts are written at an average 7.7 grade level. Grade levels were determined using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level.

Can users track time on task?

No, not at this time.

Can this program be used in the classroom?

Absolutely! Offline materials that focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are available for instructors.  Users are encouraged to work with  family, friends, or classmates throughout the course.

Where can students learn more about specific jobs mentioned in the articles?

The Explore More section links users to information about the skills and education needed for each job mentioned in the article.

Can I track my students' progress?

Yes! The instructor dashboard allows you to track the badges users earn as well as the vocabulary words mastered. 

Should I use a specific browser?

Although not required, we recommend Google Chrome.

How are the quizzes structured?

Each quiz consists of six content questions, one idiom question, and three vocabulary questions.