Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension means you understand what you read. You need this skill for life and work. You must read charts and graphs for some jobs.  You may be able to solve problems better.

You should read work information carefully. You need to understand how to find important information and follow steps.  You should ask for help if you do not understand information that you read.

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You may need to follow instructions to do a job. You may have instructions in writing. You will need to use the instructions.

Chen is a materials handler. He needs to move items to the correct storage area.  Work with a partner to follow the rules in this chart. Choose which items Chen should store in each area.

Items List

1.  400 pound piece of equipment                                            5. A glass mirror

2.  50 pound box of dynamite                                                   6.  50 pound box of paper

3.  5 gallon drum of chemical that needs refrigeration

4.  A copier that weighs 80 pounds

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Material handlers work in warehouses to move products. This might mean finding materials on the shelves and wrapping them and putting them on a delivery truck, or pulling materials off the truck and putting them in the proper shelf spot.   There are over 20 different types of jobs for handlers. To learn more about these jobs click here