Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is being able to think deeply and understand connections between ideas. This skill can help you organize ideas, be creative, and make good decisions. It is an important skill for most jobs because it can help you solve problems. You can analyze information and separate facts from opinions.

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Vicky reads a political advertisement in this video. She explains why critical thinking is important when you choose a candidate to vote for in an election. Watch the video and then answer the following questions:

Understand What You Read

1. Should you believe everything you read in the newspaper, online, or in ads? Why or why not?

2. What does Vicky mean by “scare tactic”?

3. Vicky finds a generalization in the poster. Can you find an example of a generalization in the cereal ad below?

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Vicky, whom you saw in the video, worked as a dispatcher. A dispatcher is someone who takes emergency calls and dispatches, or sends, emergency personnel or first responders to the scene of an emergency situation. This job requires good critical thinking skills. Click here to learn more about this job.