Written Communication

Written communication is information people share by writing.  In many workplaces, writing is the main way messages are exchanged.  Some forms of work writing include email, letters, spreadsheets, and memos. Good written communication skills can help you be clear, professional, and effective on the job. 

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You may need to correspond with your supervisor through the regular use of emails. For example, your supervisor may email you with detailed instructions on the tasks she needs for you to complete. You may need to email her back to ask questions, clarify key information, or provide a status update.

Take a moment to read the email below.  Roberto is a retail salesperson at a small clothing store. Ana, his supervisor, has asked Roberto to email a daily sales report to her. With a partner, discuss how you might make Roberto’s email more effective. 

Here are some questions you might need to consider as you discuss together:

  • Do you think Roberto’s report is clearly written? Why or why not?
  • What changes would you make to improve Roberto’s email? Which errors can you find in Roberto’s email and sales report? (Hint: There are seven!)
  • How do you think Ana will respond to Roberto’s report?

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The email for this activity involves a retail salesperson in a clothing store. Retail salespersons work in stores that sell products directly to customers.  Retail sales jobs are entry–level jobs that often lead to promotions as assistant shift managers or assistant department managers.  Read this retail sales workers profile from The United States Department of Labor to see if this would be a good job for you.